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DiSabatino CPA - Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Accounting firms, like people, have distinctive personalities. The quality that best describes the firm of Michael DiSabatino, CPA, is our willingness to go beyond the routine to provide an extra dimension in ability, effort and service.

Since 1982, Michael DiSabatino has been dedicated to serving the client who needs more than just an accountant. Our firm's goal is to provide you with the best of both worlds! The best in accounting, tax and consulting services and a personal down-to-earth approach to the special needs of your business.

Years of extensive, hands-on experience in small business management and consulting have earned us a distinctive reputation for quality, service, and success. In 1989 Michael DiSabatino was granted an Accreditation in Accounting. Michael DiSabatino is one of only 9,000 individuals to earn this recognition from the Accreditation Council for Accountancy. According to ACA statistics, there are over 900,000 accountants in the United States yet only 1% have received accreditation. Our commitment to continuing education for the entire firm guarantees up-to-date information from Michael DiSabatino, CPA.


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